Copyright © 2013 E Concept. All rights reserved.      Online                                          EasyCheck                                           Online access can be purchased for monthly and yearly basis. Get our of your nightmares of writing 48 to 120 cheques for your clients. This is a fantastic solution to bankers who are into sourcing loan facility. Full time employee to man the process is not required. Enables high volume cheque printing. Better turn around in printing "Personalized" cheque to customers.   Can be installed at multiple sites with central management capabilities or can be accessed through online. No expensive hardware; can be used by any standard PC & Printer. An opportunity to increase cost-efficiency of your sales staff and to ensure hi tech services to your customers. Few benefits include;- For Corporate Use For Personal Use    24x7 Live Support Simple Licensing Model Compatible with any Laser Printer Access the application online from anywhere, anytime No Software Installation Required Isn’t this really innovative solution, well, what more! A key product of e-concept is "Easy Check", which is an Innovative Banking Solution where large quantities of post dated cheques are printed in fraction of seconds. This means that your customers does not have to write details on 48 to 120 post dated cheques for their loan or finance facility. Instead Easy Check prints it all! E-Concept,an end-to-end IT solution provider, believes in offering innovative banking solutions to bankers to help "you" in servicing your customers better and more efficiently. In addition to process transparency, speedy processing of requests is a key element of customer satisfaction, and e-concepts products in a way or the other focus on these key elements.                
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